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A motor-driven garage door is very comfortable to use, primarily because you can do away with manual opening of the door. Most motorized garage doors are operated using remote sensors, which is very practical compared to older types of garage doors that requires you to go out of your car to open the garage.

But alongside the convenience and practicality of motorized garage doors, there are also problems that are unique with the motor parts of the system. Just like any other electrical devices, these components are subject to deterioration that could lead to serious problems. A Henderson garage door motor repair or replacement could be a great solution.

Before getting a replacement unit or hiring the services of a Henderson garage door motor repair specialist, it is still best to check out several crucial factors about the garage door. This will make sure that you can find the best motor, with no problems and that is suitable for your specific preferences and needs. You should consider the kind of drive, horsepower, noise level, safety features and warranty coverage.

Primarily, you should first make sure that the motor can work well with the height and weight of your garage door. Hence, you must consider at least half horsepower for a heavy door. The rule of thumb is that the heavier the door, the higher the horsepower you need. Getting enough horsepower will make certain that the door will efficiently run, and the motor will not experience any faulty problems because of incompatible motors and garage doors. Another crucial factor that you should always consider is the type of drive. Screw driven garage motors operate using threaded steel-rod in operating the door. However, recent models now are added with plastic-threaded tracking system that can minimize the door as well as improve the agility of the door. On the other hand, chain-driven motors are very noisy, because they operate using metal chains with metal trolley. But these drives are quite expensive. Lastly, belt-drives are regarded as best drives when it comes to noise level and performance, but these are usually expensive compared to other types of motor drives.

Remember that the kind of motor you select depend on the type of door you have, especially the type of material is composed of. Your budget is also a crucial factor to consider in choosing a motor for your garage door. For instance, if you have a wooden door, it is ideal to install a stronger motor, since these doors are normally heavier in comparison with doors made of fiberglass or steel. Call us today and let us discuss how you can make certain that you will have motors that are suitable based on your preferences and needs. We take pride in our team of Henderson garage door motor repair specialists who can help you in choosing motors from wide range of brands such as Genie, Craftsman, Chamberlain and LiftMaster.

Finding the right type of motor is important, but you should also make certain that your motor is properly and regularly maintained. Common problems with garage door motors include loose parts, worn out gears, faulty power source, and other problems, which could affect the efficiency as well as the performance of the garage door. Be sure to call a Henderson garage door motor repair specialist to identify and repair these problems.

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